WIFIosGeoP help you to controll your wifi.
Wifi will be disabled, if you leave your home and turned enabled, if you come back.

You are able to set and remove the locations, where WIFIosGeoP should turn your wifi on and off.

Easy way to install WIFIosGeoP with QR code:


Available in Android Market

Update 19th july

Version 1.2.1
* fix problem with saved locations
* remove Log.d(..
* clean up log

Update 17th july

Version 1.2
Add new feature and optimize preformance.
* automode
* force wifi

* some problem with dialog
* problem with gps

known issues:
* some saved location makes trouble

Update 3rd july

Update to version 1.1 with a small fix and add new language.

*language: german

WIFIosGeoP goes online 1st july

On 1st july WiFi on safely Geo Positions(WIFIosGeoP) was released.

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